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Upload a HAWX video to YouTube, win prizes


Ubisoft's HAWX is one of the few PS3 games that take advantage of one of the systems' most under-utilized features: YouTube video uploads. You can record footage from the game and upload it directly to YouTube -- and now, with a new contest from Ubisoft, you have more reason to give this feature a try.

To enter the contest, players must simply upload a video, up to two minutes in length, to the video sharing service. You can only use the in-game upload feature; you cannot edit the video on a PC, for example. The title of the video must also follow this format: "HAWX UPLOAD CONTEST [PSN ID]." There's no limit to how many videos can be submitted, but prizes are limited to one per person.

The top three most viewed videos until the end of March will each receive a Saitek Aviator Flight Stick. For full details on the contest, click here.

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