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Zombie Studios' Blacklight becoming movie, comic, toaster oven

Jason Dobson

Well, not a toaster, but that just leaves more room on Rogue Warrior developer Zombie Studios' plate for more delicious money. The Seattle-based company revealed plans to bring its barely announced Blacklight first-person shooter to the big screen and comic books as part of a deal with Twentieth Century Fox studio Fox Atomic and production firm Union Entertainment.

Blacklight, what little we know of it, will be set in the distant future, where a special ops team battle for "peace and security" in a story The Seattle Times describes as reminiscent of Apocalypse Now. Nothing is yet known of the comic, however both the movie and game will be penned by indie film writer Jason Dean Hall, most recently recognized at Sundance for his work on Ashton Kutcher's Spread. More ambitious still, Zombie Studios describes Blacklight a "military action franchise," though we're not sure you're technically allowed to call a cow a franchise, let alone milk it before the first game is even the subject for debate.

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