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3G Studios filling barren undead-action genre with XomB

When opportunity knocks, wise developers answer -- for instance, when developer 3G Studios (creator of the fake-sounding Jillian Michaels' Fitness Ultimatum 2009) peered into the empty expanse known as the zombie-action genre, it knew it had the chance to pioneer into uncharted, profitable territory. The title of its maiden voyage into the untapped genre was recently announced: XomB (pronounced zom-bie). It should set the bar pretty high -- after all, the title contains an "X," which usually denotes high levels of extremeness.

Tongue in cheekiness aside, the title is set apart by more than its misspelling. XomB will be a shamblin' corpsified re-imagination of feudal Asia, which will pit players in "epic battles" against undead hordes. Sounds like it's got kind of a Dynasty Warriors meets Onechanbara thing going on, but 3G Studios promises more concrete gameplay details and screenshots soon.

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