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'Amazon is of little threat to GameStop's core business' says EEDAR


Citing an Electronic Entertainment Design and Research (EEDAR) report released in the past week, is reporting today that, while the announcement of entering the used game trade triggered a 13% drop in GameStop stock, "Amazon is of little threat to GameStop's core business." According to EEDAR, this doesn't mean Amazon is doomed to fail, but that "Amazon and GameStop can co-exist peacefully," which sounds awfully nice to us on the consumer side of things.

How did they arrive at these rather broad conclusions, you ask? "EEDAR conducted a survey and recorded the trade-in value, used price, and new price of 79 game SKUs (57 that applied to the survey) at Amazon and GameStop." After doing so, they arrived at this, possibly shocking, revelation: "On average, GameStop offers a better value on trade-ins by over 3%." Seriously?

To round out the EEDAR report, we'll leave you with this one, astonishing truth: "Amazon's entry into the used gaming market will expand the used market into new territories and make available to new consumers rather than steal share away from GameStop's core business." So, what's the lesson here? Competition: good for consumers, (apparently) okay for retailers.

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