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Analyst: Nintendo profits have peaked, stock set to decline

Though Nintendo is currently making money faster than a brothel in shore leave season, Deutsche Bank analyst Satoru Kikuchi has given the company's stock a "sell" rating, usually reserved for companies who are facing an economic decline. Kikuchi foresees a slow trailing off for Nintendo's stock value -- he predicts an 18 percent decline over the next year, and an additional 19 percent drop sometime in 2011.

The analyst referenced declining DS and Wii sales in Japan as evidence for his claims, adding that Nintendo's dependence on its few ridiculously successful titles (we assume he's talking about Wii Fit and Wii Play) will ultimately bring it down unless it introduces additional power sellers. Don't fret, Mr. Kikuchi -- we're sure Nintendo's got a Wii Fit 2 or Wii Play Again hidden somewhere up its gilded sleeves.

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