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Bornakk winks at new Children's Week content

Mike Schramm

Bornakk, you sneaky little... Over on the forums, when someone brings up the PTR achievements we've seen for the newly revamped Children's Week, he just kind of snickers and avoids the topic. And while that may mean that he's just ignoring the issue, I'll take to mean something a little more exciting: there's more in store for Children's Week than we think this year.

Which isn't much of a surprise: we already know that there'll likely be a Gurloc and a Wolvar orphan added to the game (along with pets for each of those groups), and there's no mention of any quests involving those guys on the PTR yet. The original complaint in the forum was about "good" RP characters having to do evil things for achievements (haven't we made it plenty clear that achievements are optional?), so maybe we'll even see some more quests for all kinds of players.

At any rate, expect new things to do during this year's Children's Week. We're sure Kisirani and her team are dreaming up all kinds of crazy things for us.

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