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City of Heroes Issue 14 open beta has begun

James Egan

City of Heroes has announced the open beta phase for Issue 14: Architect, which allows players to customize their own missions, at long last bringing player-created content to the superhero (and supervillain) MMO. The NCsoft announcement reads: "Now is your chance to play and give feedback on one of the most in-depth player created mission systems in an MMO to date! Your story/mission masterpieces will be available in-game for all your fellow gamers to play and rate - and the higher the rating, the more YOU benefit!" They also announced that they'll be handpicking the best player-created content as 'Developer's Choice' stories. Those missions will be identified by a unique icon and the creator will receive a Dev's Choice badge.

The devs aren't the only ones who get to rate the best missions. There will be a Hall of Fame where the highest peer-rated stories can be recognized for being a cut above the rest. As with the Developer's Choice missions, these stories receive a Hall of Fame icon and badge, but these rankings established during open beta won't carry over once Issue 14 goes live.

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NCsoft posted instructions on how to get into the Training Room (open beta server) to help you get started. The City of Heroes devs have one caveat about the content you create, though. The missions you put together are stored locally on your computer within the beta directory. Once Issue 14 leaves beta and is released, players will need to manually copy their info over to their default City of Heroes installation.

You can check out the full details they've posted on the City of Heroes forums for more on how to start creating your own content in the Issue 14: Architect open beta.

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