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Flower's power exclusive to PS3: 200k grass blades and counting

Majed Athab

We suppose grass might not be very exciting, but that doesn't mean it's any easier to put into games than anything else, especially considering the sheer amount of it needed in a game like Flower. In fact, Flower has coded 200,000 blades of grass to simultaneously move and sway in the wind, and co-founder / president of ThatGameCompany Kellee Santiago said this could only be possible on the PS3.

"It really would be impossible to make it look the same on any other system," she said in an interview with Gamezine. The developers say rendering Flower's detailed and free-flowing grass "leverages the PS3" and makes good use of the system's advanced SPU. So, the next time someone disses Flower for being a sissy casual title, let them know how hardcore it really is.

[Via CVG]

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