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Massive founder leaves four months after Ubisoft purchase [update]


Martin Walfisz, founder of Massive Entertainment, has left the studio, according to Ubisoft. reports that the publisher confirmed the information and stated it was "saddened," wishing Walfisz all the best in his future projects. No explanation was given for the departure.

Ubisoft picked up the company last November after Activision Blizzard was no longer interested in the studio, known for RTS titles World in Conflict and Ground Control. There's no word yet as to what Walfisz is doing next but, if he's staying in the game space, he's run a successful studio for over ten years with 120 employees -- that's got to look good on paper to someone out there.

Update: We received a statement from Martin Walfisz. We've placed it after the break.

It's correct that I will not manage Ubisoft Massive going forward. Last week I decided not to accept the offer to manage the studio, and my last day with the team was on Friday. Ubisoft has very ambitious plans for Massive, and they are undoubtedly a great publisher, but they are not the right employer for me at this time in my life.

Nevertheless, Massive is in good hands and I have no doubt that the company will continue to do greatness in the future. I want to thank everyone at the studio, and all the fans, for the good times so far!

As for my own future, I have a lot of thoughts, but no concrete plans. I'll definitely stay in the games industry but first I'll take a few weeks to relax, I haven't had much time for that in the past twelve years. :)


// Martin

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