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Motorola blasting out ten smartphones in 2H 2009?

Darren Murph

We knew Motorola had a few tricks up its sleeve somewhere, but ten? According to the apparently well informed (or well inebriated) Oppenheimer & Co. analyst Ittai Kidron, the struggling handset maker is gearing up to launch "as many as ten new smartphone models" in 2H 2009, which is in stark contrast to the sole release in the first half of this year. Of course, this could be (and probably is) pure speculation, with Kidron also noting that "with sentiment at an all-time low and investors' attention lost, we believe Motorola warrants another look." Truthfully, we'd be impressed with ten new handsets from Moto in the latter half of '09, but if it seriously dumps nearly a dozen smartphones on us, you can tickle us pink and call us Shirley.

[Via phoneArena]

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