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Namco releases downloadable arcade titles on Facebook

Do you ever find yourself with too much free time whilst trolling around on Facebook? Between writing ominous truths in our acquaintances' honesty boxes, and attempting to form La Résistance against the new new Facebook, our time is admittedly limited -- though we might try to pencil in a brief session with Namco's recently launched, Facebookified versions of Pac-Man and Dig Dug.

The two games have some neat additional functionality, such as the ability to track stats and achievements on your Facebook profile. Sadly, the games can't be played in-browser -- it requires a small download to play. Even sadder: It's not free. Bumping the game up from a trial version to full version costs $9.99. We'll stick to our honesty box assaults -- anonymously hurting people's feelings is free, and far more satisfying.

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