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PixelJunk Eden Encore to be revealed, playable at GDC [update]

Jem Alexander

One of the PS3 highlights of last year's GDC for PS3 was the unveiling of the third PixelJunk title, PixelJunk Eden, during Dylan Cuthbert's post-mortem of the first two games in the series. This year Cuthbert is set to return and unveil the latest PixelJunk project, according to a press invitation to the PlayStation Blog Lounge. Not only that but there will be hands-on time for those who attend.

We know that the fourth game in the series won't be PixelJunk Dungeons, which was also vaguely mentioned back at GDC 2008, as it requires more development time. At this point we really have no idea what PixelJunk 4 could be but, after our experiences with Monsters and Eden, we can't wait to find out next Thursday.

[UPDATE] Dylan Cuthbert has let the cat out of the bag via his Twitter feed. PixelJunk 4 will not be shown at GDC next week, instead we'll get the first look on the expansion for the third game in the series, PixelJunk Eden Encore.

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