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Ask Engadget: Best DVI KVM switch?

Darren Murph

Look out -- it's that time of the week again. What time, you ask? The time when brilliant readers like yourself get a moment to shine as their inquiries are posted up here at Engadget. Feel free to send yours in to ask at engadget dawt com, but first, have a glance at John's dilemma below:

"I've been searching for a good DVI KVM switch for a long time. Most of the ones I've read about are either too expensive or have gotten horrible reviews. I was hoping you guys could shed some light on what the best DVI KVM switch you've come across is. My only requirements are high resolution (1,680 x 1,050 or higher), USB for keyboard and mouse and (preferable, although not required) and dual monitor support."

We'd say the challenge is pretty clearly laid out. Now it's on you to think up a good reply and comment below.

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