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Beyonce is in Rhythm Heaven (ads), loves Guitar Hero


How do you market a very cute, but weird, musical microgame collection to the DS's "expanded" audience? For Rhythm Heaven's ad campaign, Nintendo has resorted immediately to plan B ... yonce.

The singer is starring in a new TV commercial for the WarioWare team's upcoming game, and spoke to Entertainment Weekly's The Music Mix blog about the game, although the interview got away from Rhythm Heaven and into general gaming fairly quickly.

"I have been having a great time," she said about playing Rhythm Heaven on-set. "I've been rehearsing for my [upcoming] tour in stilettos and uncomfortable corsets, learning all these arrangements. Today I was playing the game with my socks on, on the couch, and it was very relaxing!"

Beyonce told EW that she likes "all the Wii games," and that Rhythm Heaven reminds her of a portable Guitar Hero, "which is great, because I don't want to carry around a big guitar!" Perhaps somebody handed her Guitar Hero: On Tour instead of Rhythm Heaven?

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