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Cry some more: Far Cry 2 'Fortunes Pack' now on Steam


Fire up your Steam client -- Ubisoft has loosed the Far Cry 2 Fortunes Pack on the PC gaming public. It's just a wee bit late; the DLC was originally supposed to be available by the end of last November. We're willing to forgive (but not forget -- we never forget) when new content includes the likes of a silenced shotgun. Take a moment to let that one settle in.

Priced at $4.99, the pack also introduces a sawed-off shotgun and crossbow (!) to the game's arsenal, along with two new vehicles -- a quad and the "Unimog" (Ubisoft's helpful description: 'a big truck') -- and five multiplayer maps, including the dubiously titled "Lake Smear" and "Jungle Seizure." We're assuming the latter doesn't flash a convulsion-inducing pattern of lights on your screen.

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