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February NPD: Street Fighter IV, Wii Fit battle as Nintendo dominates hardware sales


Zangief's always struck us as a perpetual sourpuss, but he -- and the rest of the Street Fighter IV crew -- must be cracking polygonal smiles right about now. So are Capcom's accountants, sans the polygons (we think).

While Wii Fit was once again at the top of software sales for February, the combined total of SFIV copies moved for PS3 and 360 has the fighter closing in on 1 million units sold in its first two weeks (actually outselling Wii Fit by 205K copies). Reported sales of the PS3-exclusive Killzone 2 are at 323K after a mere 48 hours on shelves, landing it in 5th place. Finally, Wii Play has officially broken the 10 million sold mark in the US.

On the hardware front, Nintendo seems to be doing pretty well with this "Wii" thing, selling almost 3/4 million of whatever they are. DS maintained its second-in-command spot for the month, followed by Xbox 360 and PS3 -- the latter of which only outsold its previous iteration by 79K consoles. Overall hardware sales were up considerably over January.

Fun Fact: The analysts of EEDAR were a little off with their February software revenue and top 10 titles predictions, to the tune of $75 million in sales (NPD's final accounting was $733.5M, EEDAR had expected $659M).

-Wii: 753K74K (+11%)
-DS: 588K77K (+15%)
-Xbox 360: 391K82K (+27%)
-PS3: 276K73K (+36%)
-PSP: 199K 27K (+16%)
-PS2: 131K30K (+30%)

Check out the software sales chart after the break.

Top 10 Games of February 2009

1. Wii Fit with balance board - Nintendo - 644K
2. Street Fighter IV - Xbox 360 - Capcom - 446K*
3. Street Fighter IV - PS3 - Capcom - 403K*
4. Wii Play with remote - Nintendo - 386K
5. Killzone 2 - Sony - 323K
6. Mario Kart Wii with wheel - Nintendo - 263K
7. Call of Duty: World at War - Xbox 360 - Activision - 193K*
8. Mario Kart DS - Nintendo - 145K
9. New Super Mario Bros. - Nintendo - 144K
10. Guitar Hero World Tour - Wii - Activision - 136K*

* Includes Collector's, Limited and Bundled Editions

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