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Kojima receives new title at Kojima Productions


Hideo Kojima will have the fancy new title of "Executive Corporate Officer Director, Kojima Production" starting April 1. His previous job title was, um, not too different: "Corporate Officer Director, Kojima Production." Shhhh, this is total "!" stuff! We've also received the list of alternative titles Kojima could have received:
  • Grand Executive Poobah of the Codec
  • Slayer of writers who know the power of editing and can tell a story or tell a joke or make a tongue-in-cheek observation about something which can be considered funny
  • Executive la-le-lu-Liason
  • Executive in charge of making us a new Snatcher game already
If you reveal this information to anyone, you've got 30 seconds to find a closet ... make sure to stay in there at least a minute.

[Via Kotaku]

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