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More magic for the iPhone

Mel Martin

The iPhone and iPod touch have really attracted a lot of interest from the magic community, and we've reviewed some of the tricks you can get at the App Store here, and here, and here.

Now things are getting more serious with the release of a DVD set called 'Magic with the iPhone' ($19.95 U.S.) created by Magic City in California, a large distributor of magic effects to pros and semi-pros.

The 2 DVD set consists of 12 tricks you can do with your iPhone. One disc is a standard DVD which demonstrates the magic, and then explains how it is done. The second disc is a data DVD, which has picture and movie files that will set your phone up to do the trick. The package even contains a gimmick used to turn a penny into a dime.

Like any collection, there are some strong effects, and some weaker ones, but most people will easily find 3 or 4 that are worth doing. In general, the effects are more polished than many of the tricks in the App Store, and the video instructions are more detailed.

Stand out effects in my view were iHotrod, where a spectator chooses a color at random from 6 colored dots, and that turns out to be what you predicted in an iCal entry on your phone for the current date and time. I also liked Telecommunications, where someone selects a card, then calls a contact in your address book, and the person called tells the spectator exactly where the card is in the deck after it has been shuffled. It's a clever diversion, and should stun your audience.

The disc is not sold by Magic City, but they distribute it to magic dealers and novelty shops. Here is a Google search that should help you find a copy.

Magic City has also just released a second DVD of iPhone tricks. I did not think it was as strong as the first volume, and it tended to repeat the same card finding methodology over and over again.

Gerald Kirchner, who created the DVDs says the products will be available at Blockbuster and from Netflix in mid April.

I think the first DVD is worth a try if you are getting more serious about magic. Instead of carrying around a lot of props and equipment, you only need your iPhone and a deck of cards.

It's amazing how a device that was intended as a phone has branched off into specialty areas like magic, medical technology, astronomy, photography and music. That is the true magic of the iPhone.

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