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Nokia Intrigue filtering into Verizon stores, features weird 'Habitat Mode'

Chris Ziegler

We can now confirm that Nokia's long-overdue Intrigue clamshell for Verizon is finally scheduled for release on March 23 in your choice of silver or pink (interestingly, the two colors have slightly different d-pad designs) for $179.99 on a two-year contract with a $50 mail-in rebate, and units are already starting to trickle into stores. That's cool -- it's an attractive phone and we're sure it's going to find some customers -- but the real news here might be the unusual home screen that Nokia has apparently designed just for this device. The company's really laying on the eco-friendly angle thick with the release, touting the ultra-tiny packaging, preloaded WWF wallpapers, green charger, and "unplug" message when charging is complete -- and to go along with the theme, they've created a so-called "Habitat Mode" home screen that organizes your contacts chronologically by when you communicated with them and automatically assigns them environment-themed avatars (which, thankfully, can be replaced). Weird, yes, but it does look kinda cool -- check out more shots of the phone in the gallery.

Gallery: Nokia Intrigue filtering into Verizon stores, features weird 'Habitat Mode' | 5 Photos

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