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Stan Bush's 'The Touch' coming to Guitar Hero

Thanks to the touch and power of the internet, Stan Bush's classic Transformers: The Movie ballad, "The Touch," is heading to Guitar Hero -- for free. The drive started when Kotaku blogger, Michael Fahey, refused to give up on helping Bush see his wish to have the song featured in Guitar Hero and/or Rock Band granted. After exchanging emails with Bush himself, Fahey looked to his blog's readers to pester Activision and Harmonix until one (or both) caved.

Earlier this week, Bush contacted Transformers resource site, Seibertron, and dropped the bomb: "The Touch" would be made available in Guitar Hero -- presumably World Tour -- for free (exactly when, though, is still unknown). The grateful Bush then wrote in to personally thank Fahey and the fans who made it all possible. Oh internet, is there anything you can't do?

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