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2K Boston is hiring (Hey, Ken. We have excellent compuper skills!)


2K Boston is looking to staff its next project and is blaring that information quite publicly -- a bold move in this economy. The company approached us with images of a postcard it'll pass out next week at GDC on a recruitment mission. It sounds like the developer is casting a wide net for talent and will sift through the candidates to find what the studio is looking for -- we do not envy that human resources person. Almost nothing is known about 2K Boston's next project, other than that, in Ken Levine's words, it's "very, very, different."

According to the flip side of the card (found after the break), the company is currently looking for ... well, it appears it's looking for everyone under the sun. The company has "dozens of openings in programming, design, art, audio and production." Remember to check for typos (like we should have with our headline -- guess that rules us out, blargh) before submitting your resume to the email address found on the card.

Now, let the speculation begin on why the image -- seemingly of a Big Daddy helmet -- was used for this promotion. Best of luck to the applicants!

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