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Philips wants to get you in the movies -- or at least into a goofy vibrating jacket

Tim Stevens

Philips has definitely done more for sensory immersion than most with its amBX line of... things, but a general shortage of people willing to mount fans or rumbling wrist rests on their keyboards hasn't kept the company from developing what it thinks is next: a vibrating jacket. The unnamed and triangle-patterned coat features 64 little rumblers distributed throughout, all powered by a pair of AA batteries. The intent is to better immerse you into movies by, say, replicating a light touch running up either arm or simulating an actor's beating heartbeat -- "emotional immersion" they call it. We're not so sure this will be any more compelling than the vibrating vests companies have been trying to sell gamers (and the military) for years, but we do know that Philips had better watch out for lawyers from Immersion.

[Via Slashdot]

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