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Fake severed limbs are totally hot right now

Occasionally, the gaming industry gets hooked on the most bizarre marketing trends, such as ARGs, and laughably unbelievable product enthusiasts. However, even with our usually spot-on industry clairvoyance, we didn't see this one coming -- for the second time in a month, a developer used fake severed limbs to attract attention to their ultraviolent title. Sega, promoting MadWorld, recently scattered monotone severed arms (all holding copies of the game) across London. Man, Londonites have got to be getting sick of these shenanigans.

We hope this trend comes to a grinding halt before other companies can hop on the bandwagon. The thought of a major metropolitan city whose desensitized residents shrug nonchalantly when they notice human gristle littering their streets makes us a tad uncomfortable.

[Thanks, Tagg.]

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