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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup wraps up the Webcomics Weekend

We're coming to you live from the floor of the 2009 New England Webcomics Weekend, and let us tell you -- things are getting straight tazy. Scott Kurtz and Jeph Jaques have been competing in a raucous, Raiders of the Lost Ark-esque drinking contest, and ... everyone's ... drawing stuff. Fine -- we're not actually there. Our somewhat irrational fear of the State of Massachusetts prevents us from attending. Still, we're fairly certain that equal amounts of irresponsible drinking and illustrating are taking place.

Hey, at least our non-attendance has permitted us time to dig up our seven favorite gaming-centric webcomics from this past week. They're listed below, and presented in cutting-edge poll-o-vision after the jump. Vote for your favorite, and suggest some new regulars in the comments section!

Mm-Mm-Mm-Mm-Mm (Dipswitch)
Untitled (Strange Gods)
Let This Mask Hide the Tears (Penny Arcade)
Hero (BitF)
The Good Stuff (MNC)
Co-Op Inaction (Burn the Internet)
Liars, and Predators, and Sickos! Oh, My! (Dueling Analogs)


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