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Conduit devs had 'dusty Wii syndrome,' hope to release cure

The dev team at High Voltage Software has suffered from dusty Wii syndrome, but is hopeful that its upcoming shooter, The Conduit, will hold a piece of the cure. Speaking with CVG, Conduit producer Josh Olson said High Voltage Software's Wii units had been "gathering dust" due to a lack of games for the core audience. Of course, Olson's comments echo (Conduit publisher) Sega's recent company line that the hardcore market needs Nintendo Wii love too. To that point, Sega has recently released The House of the Dead: Overkill and MadWorld. Or maybe High Voltage just wants gamers to start cleaning up their rooms.

Olson also took an opportunity to discuss the multitude of player customization options found in The Conduit. In the game, players are free to remap the controls, alter the sensitivity, remodel the in-game HUD and pretty much change anything they can think of because High Voltage isn't
"so arrogant to think that the game has to be played a certain way." Then Olson throws it down, exclaiming that he is confident that The Conduit will be "the best-looking game on the console" and will include the "best available" multiplayer the Wii has ever offered. Unfortunately, High Voltage hasn't detailed any multiplayer features other than the use of Wii Speak.

[Via GoNintendo]

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