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EVE University celebrates fifth anniversary

James Egan

Anyone who's played EVE Online for any length of time is likely to concede that it can be a complex game. While the developers have taken steps to better guide new players into EVE's setting of New Eden through the New Player Experience and the EVE Careers Guide, it's really the playerbase itself that can be the greatest asset to a new pilot. There are several player corporations (guilds) in EVE Online that can help show new players the ropes. Perhaps the real pioneer in training corps in the game is EVE University who have celebrated their fifth anniversary this month.

Darian Reymont from EVE Uni writes an excellent description of what the institution is and what it offers to the playerbase, found at the EVE University homepage: "A unique concept in the universe of EVE, the University was - and remains to this day - one of the few truly altruistic organisations in New Eden, supplying free education in all facets of EVE life to any and all who seek it. From humble beginnings as a place where experienced capsuleers could share their wisdom and experience with a handful of new pilots, the University has grown into a mammoth undertaking. Regularly scheduled lessons, supported by weeks of recorded lesson content and thousands of instructive forum posts alongside hundreds of millions of ISK spent every week provide students with the most comprehensive education that can be found anywhere in New Eden."

EVE University's fifth anniversary caught the attention of the CCP Games volunteer group, ISD. An article by Calden S'or is a look back at the five year history of EVE University and what it's done for the game. If you're a new player or are just curious about this game, you can't go wrong by checking out EVE University. While Massively doesn't generally endorse or favor any player corp or alliance over others, this just has to be said -- EVE University offers a great service to the playerbase and is an ideal way to be introduced to the game.

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