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HTC granted stay of execution in German patent case

Chris Ziegler

The temporary injunction filed against HTC in Germany in its battle with patent holding firm IPCom has been repealed -- at least for now -- by an appellate court, allowing sales of forthcoming 3G devices bearing affected chipsets to continue until the case proceeds in four weeks' time. This should be absolutely splendid news for Germans concerned that the case might affect their ability to get in on the Magic come next month; ultimately, the case could theoretically lead to a sales stoppage, but the way things are lined up now, it seems like there'll be at least a slim window of opportunity for would-be owners to get their Android on without fear of IPCom putting the kibosh on the party. We'll continue to follow this drama as it progresses, but we'll reiterate what we'd said before: in all likelihood, this'll end with HTC shelling out some undisclosed settlement, and seeing how the company has already said that it's investigating alternative chipsets, it'll be a moot point before too long, anyway.

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