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Matsuura wants hardcore gamers to sit back and enjoy 'Major Minor'

Rhythm game pioneer Masaya Matsuura, known for popularizing the genre with titles like PaRappa the Rapper, told MTV Multiplayer that hardcore gamers should take a break and get ready to enjoy his upcoming game, Major Minor's Majestic March. "PaRappa was released about 12 or 13 years ago, and being a hardcore gamer the entire time since then must be kind of tiring," Matsuura jokingly answered when asked if the marching band game would appeal to PaRappa fans.

Matsuura also fielded questions regarding Nintendo's upcoming peripheral, the Wii MotionPlus, saying Major Minor had been tested with the accessory but in the end it "didn't really make it any more fun." While the add-on could be added in the future, Matsuura hypothesizes that titles may "need to be planned" from the beginning for its use. Matsuura also throws kind words toward Harmonix, reminiscing about a time when he "implored" the team to create games and noting how proud he is of the success of Rock Band and Guitar Hero as though they were his own creations. But don't worry, Matsuura isn't prepping a frivolous lawsuit ... he was just being nice.

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