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Nokia's 7205 Intrigue for Verizon now available


Right on schedule, the Nokia 7205 Intrigue for Verizon Wireless is online and ready for purchase. Price is exactly in-line with expectations as well, at $180 with a two-year contract, plus a handy $50 rebate to bring it down to $130. Design-wise the flip phone is already a long ways ahead of the frumpy Nokia 6205, at a mere 0.55-inches thick, but there's nothing much here to get Nokia's GSM customers jealous -- other than that subsidized price, of course. The handset has a 2 megapixel camera, A2DP Bluetooth, a fancy new homescreen (including Habitat Mode), PMOLED display on the back cover, and a microSD slot.

[Thanks, Mark V.]

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