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Quick Mortal Online preview

Joe Blancato

Mike at MMOCrunch has a short look at Star Vault's Mortal Online, a Swedish MMOG still in development. He doesn't get in depth, but does a good job of summarizing the game's selling points.

The game appears to hail from the open world school of design, offering open looting; real-time, Elder Scrolls-esque combat; and level-free advancement (it's still a class-based game).

What sticks out here is the Deva system: "There is a third type called Deva Skills," he says, "which is a skill that links all your created players. For instance, if you learned "Poison Making" and made this your Deva skill, any future characters you create will automatically have this skill so you don't need to retrain them."

Mortal Online is due out sometime this summer, but given how quiet the official site is - and the fact the game isn't yet in beta (sign up here)- a summer release likely isn't in the cards.

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