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Rock Band 'Classic Rock' Track Pack set for May 19, all consoles


MTV Games, Harmonix and EA have announced the May 19 release date for Rock Band Track Pack: Classic Rock on Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, and Wii for $29.99. While GameStop revealed the same date and price a few weeks back, following an ESRB listing a few weeks before that, today we have official confirmation, along with the full setlist (which is set in stone after the break).

Additionally, purchasers of the Xbox 360 or PS3 version can download -- free of charge -- the on-disc tracks onto the console's hard drive (via Xbox Live or PSN), integrating the songs with any preexisting Rock Band DLC. It's worth noting that the Track Pack offers a reduced cost per song ($1.50) when compared to the $1.99 single-track DLC price. Of course, if you're as impulsive as we are (we done bought all these classics -- twice), then this entire post isn't really worth noting at all.

Complete setlist:

  1. Boston: "Peace of Mind" (1976)
  2. Boston: "Rock and Roll Band" (1976)
  3. Dead Kennedys: "California Über Alles" (1987)
  4. Dead Kennedys: "Holiday in Cambodia" (1987)
  5. Free: "All Right Now" (1970)
  6. George Thorogood & the Destroyers: "Bad to the Bone" (1982)
  7. James Gang: "Funk #49" (1970)
  8. Jethro Tull: "Hymn 43" (1971)
  9. Lenny Kravitz: "Let Love Rule" (1989)
  10. Pat Benatar: "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" (1980)
  11. The Police: "Can't Stand Losing You" (1978)
  12. The Police: "Truth Hits Everybody" (1978)
  13. Rush: "Closer to the Heart" (1977)
  14. Rush: "Red Barchetta" (1981
  15. Siouxsie and The Banshees: "Kiss Them For Me" (1991)
  16. Steve Miller Band: "Take the Money and Run" (1976)
  17. Steve Miller Band: "The Joker" (1973)
  18. The Stone Roses: "Love Spreads" (1994)
  19. The Who: "Baba O'Riley" (1971)
  20. The Who: "Behind Blue Eyes" (1971)
Note: All tracks are original master recordings.

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