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Take a shot of Espresso 1.0


We first started hearing about MacRabbit's Espresso back in September; six months, a public beta and countless cups of coffee later, Espresso 1.0 is finally ready for sipping!

MacRabbit, makers of the award-winning CSSEdit, parlayed the idea of an HTMLEdit companion app into an all around web development app. Right now, Espresso supports HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript and PHP -- but utilizing plugins (Sugars), Espresso can support more languages and platforms.

Similar to Panic's Coda (another TUAW favorite), you can also directly publish from the app, using FTP, SFTP, FTP/SSL and Amazon S3.

Espresso shares many interface similarities with CSSEdit and the presentation is very, very polished. If you're comfortable with CSSEdit, Espresso will likely fit comfortably into your workflow.

We'll be reviewing Espresso in-depth soon and doing some head-to-head action to see how it stacks up against Coda and TextMate.

Espresso is 59.95€ (about $80 US) and 49.95€ ($68 US) for existing CSSEdit 2 customers. You can try Espresso without limitations for 15 days. Espresso requires OS X 10.5 Leopard or higher.

Thanks Nik!

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