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What happened to Motorola's bone conduction Bluetooth headset?

Chris Ziegler

Last year, we were told by a source very close -- nay, very very close -- to Motorola that the Invisio Q7 design that the company had bought from Nextlink (which has since renamed itself Invisio, ironically) would see release by summer of 2008. Well, we're into spring of 2009 at this point and there's no sign of it. We'd asked for an official update late last year and were given a "no comment" sort of response, and since then, we haven't seen any teasers or announcements that would indicate this thing is close to release. Noise reduction is getting pretty damned good in modern Bluetooth headsets, but even the best models are rendered unusable in circumstances where true bone conduction would shine -- high winds, for example -- so we're anxiously awaiting this thing's release. Motorola, what say you -- is this tech dead for some reason you haven't shared with the world? Was your pricey purchase a bust?

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