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April DSiWare for Japan: More like Appril


Nintendo wants small non-game apps on DSiWare, and it is leading by example, as evidenced by the lineup it has announced for April in Japan: just two of the six downloads announced for April 1 are games! Luckily, the announced apps sound pretty interesting.
  • Nintendo DSi Clock (200 Points): A clock app in two varieties: Famicom Mario Type and Animal Crossing Type. The Mario version lets you jump and hit coins, and the Animal Crossing version lets players create a new town tune that is played on the hour.
  • Chotto Magic Taizen: Suki Kirai Hakkenki (200 Points): This magic trick from Master of Illusion uses the mic to determine how someone feels about you.
  • Kuru Kuru Action Kuru Pachi 6 (500 Points): A puzzle game about rotating numbered pieces to line up matching pairs.
  • Band Bros. Radio including Photo Stand (500 Points): A photo-viewing app featuring Barbara the Bat from Band Bros. -- and a music player for songs created in Band Bros. DX by both players and staff!
  • Kakonde Keshite Wakugumi no Jikan (500 Points): A puzzle game about surrounding pieces of an opposing color with pieces of your color by moving them around the screen.
  • Ganbaru Watashi no Osaifu Ouendan (500 Points): Literally "My Wallet Cheer Squad," this budgeting app allows players to export data as a CSV file for use in PC money management software.
Nintendo is starting to build up a pretty good catalog of DSiWare for ... whenever it decides to announce the launch lineup worldwide!

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