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AT&T pushing back Nokia E71x launch?

Chris Ziegler

Word is that a last-minute bug discovered in the hotly-anticipated Nokia E71x's firmware involving email -- which, let's be honest, is one of the top two or three reasons to own a device with this form factor -- has pushed back the launch by several weeks while all the parties involved scramble to cook up a fix. That sucks, considering the E71 has been out in North American flavor since last July and we've been hearing about the existence of AT&T's oh-so-special version even longer than that, so a delay is just about the last thing Symbian faithful around here were hoping to hear. The good news is that the delay might be accompanied by a price break, apparently, bringing the device down to $149.99 on contract after rebate at launch. This whole sitch is still in the rumor phase, but look, AT&T, we're going to hold you to it anyway -- The People want this for under two bills.

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