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Boxee alpha boasts API, Hulu-stomping browser and Pandora


Boxee is having a massive meet-up in NYC tonight and is unveiling a new version of the alpha that brings more features, some Hulu manageability, and a new API. Fire up the update function in your Apple TV or OS X copies of boxee and get in on the fun!

Tonight's new release brings in some new features and workarounds to existing services:

  • The excellent music service, Pandora, is now built-into boxee, using the new boxee API
  • Speaking of the API, it should now be easier than ever for users to contribute add-ons to the project to integrate new service
  • BoxeeHQ has launched its PBS App Box app. It's pretty solid and provides access to many of public broadcasting's best content
  • A new XUL-based browser for Hulu and other content. This is big, because XUL is the framework that Mozilla uses for Firefox, meaning, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to restrict access to RSS streams accessed by boxee.
  • RadioTime support for over 100,000 terrestrial radio stations that can be streamed worldwide.
If you are on your Apple TV, just go to the Downloads section in Launcher and grab the latest version. Mac users can either download the latest version from or use the new auto-update feature to grab the latest release.

And of course, controlling boxee is now even easier using the free remote for the iPhone and iPod touch.

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