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CrimeCraft trailer gives a brief glimpse into the urban crime MMO

James Egan

The massively multiplayer online game industry will soon be getting an influx of space-based science fiction titles as well as earthbound post-apocalytic MMOs. Another new realm that is going to be explored by game developers like Vogster Entertainment is the urban crime MMO. Their debut massively multiplayer title will be CrimeCraft. We don't have many details on the game beyond the trailer they released and the info they've published so far on their site, but we do know that it's a persistent world 'next-gen' shooter built on the Unreal 3 engine.

We've found another glimpse into what Vogster has been up to, though. IGN Videos has a (very) brief trailer showing the CrimeCraft characters with narration explaining obtaining and modifying your weapons. We weren't inspired enough by the trailer to commit crimes of our own by stealing and embedding it for you here, so you'll have to head over to IGN to check out the video footage. We're hoping to speak with Vogster at GDC this week and find out more about this title, so keep your eyes open for more on this urban crime MMO.

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