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GDC09: The Agency and DC Universe Online coming 2010


The public hasn't seen much of The Agency since it was first revealed in 2007. When questioned about the lack of updates on the ambitious PC/PS3 online espionage game, SOE's Hal Milton told us: "We don't want to keep having hype sessions just showing movies and crap. We need to make the game and not just keep promoting it."

GDC continues that idea, with Sony Online Entertainment revealing nothing more than a distant release window for both The Agency and DC Universe Online. John Smedley, president of SOE, revealed that both titles will arrive in 2010 in his keynote, "An industry perspective on how new online games will reach the masses."

We understand that it takes time to craft a solid game, especially a massive online one. However, we'd like to remind Smedley that the first step for a game to "reach the masses" involves, y'know, releasing it.

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