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Nokia's Ovi Store to get carrier billing in US?

Chris Ziegler

We know that the Ovi Store is coming in May, but what exactly does that mean? Plenty of details about the launch remain to be shared, but here's one we didn't see coming: US-bound devices might have carrier billing. CellPassion is citing sources attending the Forum Nokia Code Camp in Jakarta as overhearing that devices launched in the UK, Italy, Singapore, Ireland, Germany, Russia, Spain, Australia, and the good ol' US of A will all get billing systems integrated with operators, suggesting that there could be one (or more?) US carriers champing at the bit to launch an Ovi Store-enabled device this year. The rest of the world will be relegated to credit card billing, but it's a mixed blessing -- will unlocked US devices get locked out of the store, much as they're locked out of the Nokia Music Store presently?

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