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Rumor: EA bundling MotionPlus with Grand Slam Tennis in Europe


NeoGAFfer CubeRevolution reported that EA was planning to release a version of Grand Slam Tennis for the Wii bundled with one of Nintendo's MotionPlus peripherals, for 59.99 Euros, just 10 Euros more than the standalone release.

A listing on for "EA SPORTS Grand Slam Tennis + Wii Motion Plus" bears out CubeRevolution's claim. It appears that Nintendo really is allowing EA to bundle its first-party accessory with a third-party game in Europe this July. Amazon even took a few Euros off the price!

While it's great news that people might be able to buy a MotionPlus in July, and with more bundle options, we can't help but entertain the theory that this option frees Nintendo up to delay Wii Sports Resort past the summer.

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