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Spore Galactic Adventures coming June 23rd, bringing gameplay


Spore publisher EA has dropped a new trailer and a handful of new screens for the game's upcoming expansion, titled "Galactic Adventures," and with them, a release date finally. According to the EA press site (and confirmed by EA Maxis rep. Amanda Taggart), the gameplay-heavy DLC hits the cyber autobahn as well as brick-and-mortar stores on June 23rd, though the pricing is still "TBA."

The trailer above shows off a variety of new end-game content that, to be perfectly honest, looks to be a lot of fun. Commanding fleets of space-faring creatures across the galaxy, subjugating everyone along the way? Where do we sign up?! And remember, Spore Galactic Adventures is just the first of four Spore titles coming to various platforms (Wii/DS/PC/Mac) this year, so keep those pocketbooks open.

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