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The Daily Grind: Do you like cel-shaded MMO graphics?

From the simplistic to the detailed, we've seen more and more MMOs with cel-shaded art entering the market in the last while. Dream of Mirror Online, Zu Online and FusionFall have all launched already and are using a slightly less demanding variant. Champions Online will be coming out later this year and seems to be using a more detailed version versus the others out there. Some people really enjoy cel-shaded animation, preferring the animated cartoon look it gives. Others can't stand it because it means you can often lose certain physical elements due to poor shading, so your avatar winds up looking more 2-d than 3-d. (Sometimes referred to as 'losing your nose' when looking at a head-on view of your avatar facing into the light and the nose disappears due to no shadowing.)

Of course, realizing this is ultimately a matter of personal taste - we wanted to ask. Do you like cel-shaded graphics in MMOs? Is it a fresh, fun way to see a new world? Perhaps you like the idea, but think the execution needs work. Does the 'losing your nose' thing drive you bonkers? Or do cel-shaded MMO graphics just not do it for you at all?

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