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Canon's EOS Digital Rebel T1i gets hands-on preview

Darren Murph

It's early on, we know, but the EOS Digital Rebel T1i is already shaping up to be a winner. Merely hours after its official unveiling, the shutterbugs over at Imaging-Resource have put together a remarkably thorough hands-on preview that takes you through practically every feature offered on the new DSLR. One area of importance was the movie mode; we quickly noticed that Canon deliberately failed to mention the word "autofocus" when referencing "movie mode," and sure enough, the cam won't autofocus continuously. As with the D90, this little fact puts a huge damper on what would otherwise be an (even more) amazing feature, but we suppose we'll chalk it up to baby steps and just hope for better at PMA 2010. At any rate, everything else seemed to exceed expectations, with their beta unit delivering image quality "at least as good as the 50D." Hop to the read link for all the rest.

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