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FileFront says 'farewell' ... and get your files while you can!


Ziff Davis is preparing to pull the plug on FileFront, the game-related download service currently housed under the struggling publisher's PC Magazine Digital Network. In a somber message posted on FileFront, the site's management and team announced that "due to the current economic conditions" operations would be suspended indefinitely on March 30, 2009. In other words, you have five days to spare the 48-plus terabytes of files currently hosted on FileFront from an irreversible *click* into the virtual trash bin. We suggest you commence downloading -- now!

Unfortunately, we can't also download the good people who have kept FileFront running for all of these years. We wish everyone affected by this change the very best in getting back in the game.

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Oh. Hi! Are you still reading this? Well then, let us get on with our heartless, unscrupulous agenda, shall we? Might we take this opportunity to point you toward BIG DOWNLOAD for all your current and future file needs? That's right. The body's not even cold.

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