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First Look: Pocket Money 2.0 for iPhone


It always makes me happy to see a familiar name on a press release, so when I received a note this morning about PocketMoney 2.0 for iPhone (click opens iTunes) now being available in the App Store, I took more interest than usual in the news.

Hardy Macia and his company, Catamount Software, have been developing software for mobile devices and Macs since the Newton MessagePad reigned supreme in the PDA world. In fact, that's when I first became familiar with PocketMoney. Fifteen years later, PocketMoney is still an excellent mobile app for keeping track of expenses, incomes and budgets.

There are so many new changes and features in the 2.0 version of PocketMoney that Catamount has released a 13-page document (click to download) describing them in detail. I like the new budget features, which show you at a glance how you're doing with meeting or missing a categorized budget. Catamount has added a library of video tutorials that take users step-by-step through almost every function of the app.

If you'd like to give PocketMoney 2.0 a try, there's a free Lite version (click opens iTunes) that has all of the capabilities of the full version, but is limited to 2 accounts and 2 repeating transactions. The full version is currently on sale for US$4.99.

To learn more about PocketMoney 2.0, check out the gallery below.

Gallery: PocketMoney 2 First Look | 6 Photos

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