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GDC09: The four iPhone games ngmoco's Neil Young wishes he made

Justin McElroy

Most of ngmoco's iPhone games have been insta-classics, but that doesn't mean it doesn't experience a little envy from time to time. We asked boss Neil Young which iPhone hits he wished that he had made.

1. Fieldrunners (this was an easy one, which he answered without any need for reflection)
2. Ocarina (though he would have done it differently)
3. Pocket God (though, again, he would have done it differently)
4. (he flips through his apps before answering) Aurora Feint

He also mentioned that he considered publishing the gorgeous Zen Bound, but the timing wasn't quite right. We'll give him half credit for that one. Look for more from our GDC one-on-one with Young coming soon.

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