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GDC09: Assassin's Creed for iPhone coming in the next few months


Assassin's Creed won't be sneaking its way onto iPhone until "end of April, early May," according to Gameloft. We were supposed to get hands-on time with the product today, but due to a development issue, the title has been delayed until the aforementioned release window. There is currently no price and no images are being shared.

Gameloft also told us the mobile space was "getting old and dry," but the iPhone has re-energized the market. The company, which doesn't know the meaning of recession, has seen strong sales from The Oregon Trail, Hero of Sparta and Asphalt 4 Elite. Gameloft is also looking to work on more titles with Ubisoft ... but it'd be nice if we could see how Assassin's Creed is coming along first.

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