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Guildwatch: Ninja tested, GM approved

Mike Schramm

This isn't guild drama, but what a move -- Kokor of Draka convinced a PuG to help him through a second run of Gun'drak just so he could ding level 80. And take a guess what he did as soon as he dinged -- yup, split off to Naxx, leaving the PuG, who'd just helped him level the last few points, in the lurch. The jerk store called, and they just ran out of Kokor.

More stories of drama in this week's Guildwatch below, including a prodigal son that isn't so welcome. Plus, we've got downed and recruiting news from around the realms -- if you want to know what the guilds are up to on your server, it's in here. And don't forget, send your tips on drama, downed and recruiting news to, and you'll see them right here in the future.


  • Harsh Generation hasn't had much luck on EU Kilrogg -- the way we understand it, they apparently made some promises early on that they weren't able to follow up on later. But when they attempt to recruit and get a little flowery with the speech, everyone in the thread suddenly becomes a writer. Things get a little harsher on the second page, when the guild's former GM, Cedeline a.k.a. Iminia, decides to bring in the full-on drama. Oh, and two tips for Gerila: 1) let people bump your thread with stupid jokes about a weird metaphor. Don't get all bent out of shape about that. And 2) when you post that "Drama over," that's also your cue to stop posting drama. The next three posts after that are all you, and that last one's a doozy!
  • We know we said we'd stay away from these Black War Mammoth ninjas out of VoA (because they happen all the time), but this one's just so good. Forsaken Wrath on Scilla has one of their guildies steal the mount for another guildie, and in the process says things like "I don't give a @$%! about you PuGs." Classy. So then people start sending him messages in game about it, and on page two, he's had it up to here with the whispers -- everyone's on his ignore list! Everyone crying about a mount, of all things, probably got their lunch money stolen anyway, right? What a jerk.
  • We have no idea what's going on in this thread, but it is entertaining. Plus, they mention Guildwatch for some reason. But we can't figure out why that is, either -- we've never heard of Necroticlich or his cast that supposedly kept him from PvPing well. Either way, fun read.
  • Eclectic on Dragonblight-A just went through a little trouble -- they had their core raiders split off and form Praetorian Destiny. But things are not as they seem -- while PD is trying to recruit on the forums, it comes to light that their GM Kenos is a guild hopper at least. And on top of that, they leave their forums open -- even while discussing exploits. Oops.
  • A pretty cool recruitment movie from Unforgiven of Moonrunner.
  • Tophalicious has returned to Exodar! Oh, and apparently the server hasn't forgotten about the fact that he (whoops) disbanded his last guild and (sorry) ninja'ed the guild bank. He claims that he was hacked, finally got his old gear back, and just decided to return. But you can "believe what you want," he "just wanted to say hi."
  • Pwnzone on Madoran: once a ninja guild, always a ninja guild.
  • A belated congrats to Children of Eternity on Moon Guard-H for their two-year anniversary! They've traditionally been a small guild, but have been growing by leaps and bounds lately, and have become a casual raiding guild with a mature attitude. They were planning some RP events, PvP action, and even some classic raiding in Zul'Aman. Happy birthday and hope everyone had a great time.
  • Larias of WoA on Illidan responded to our drama post about him from a few weeks back -- he says that all of the members of the guild were invited and welcome to come with him to the new server, and that he didn't ninja the guild bank. He was frustrated that the guild couldn't even down Sarth 2D (which is supposed to be "PUGGABLE"), and when he has to deal with that, he says, he "couldn't see why they have earned any part of the guild bank." But he didn't keep it all to himself -- apparently he did give out some of the items to members who he believed had worked hard, "even if I didn't like them." Fair's fair?
  • This is a good one: a Death Knight named Ipaly (formerly of Out for Vengeance on Kul Tiras) offered to cut some gems for a non-guildie, and then just walked away with them after they were traded. So the guy got in touch with the GM of Out for Vengeance, and we're told that the guild kicked the Death Knight out and even replaced the gems (and added some extras, too). Pretty cool. Rumor has it that Ipaly is starting up his own guild, called MCraiders. We have to wish him luck -- at least he'll have a few gems to put in the guild bank to start.
  • Yakuza on Area 52 is accused of poaching mages -- during raids. He says what he was doing wasn't spamming, but really? Do you really think it's good form to interrupt someone's raid with a whisper asking them to join your guild instead? He also says the messages are "GM approved," and we'd liked to have seen that conversation: "Yes, I'm a GM, how can I help?" "Excuse me, can I send this message to someone while they're in a raid." "Um sure -- I have real things to fix. Bye now."
  • The Knights of Radshire on Executus is an extreme-casual guild that just started Naxx 10 and downed Arachnid and Plague Quarters. Congrats!
  • Council of Tirisfal on Feathermoon-A just cleared out Naxx 10 for the first time the other week. They took only six hours, which isn't bad, given that most of them were new. Malygos is notice for next time. They're also recruiting -- primariliy Resto Druids and Shammies.
  • Memento Mori on EU Bloodhoof spilt tonnes (they're EU) of blood, sweat and tears, but it was all worth it: Sarth 3D down. Congrats!
  • After The Fall, of Echo Isles, is a ten man only, 11 member guild that just cleared Sarth 2D and are starting progression on 3D. Without having 25-man raids to get overpowered gear for the ten man encounters, they're pretty proud to have cleared everything except 3D. We can't agree more -- grats!
  • Death by Cupcake on Twisting Nether downed Sarth 3D 10-man this past week. Nice job.
  • Two Percent on Uldaman-H had their first full clear of Naxx 10, and they've put Malygos on notice. They're also seeking a few healers -- apply on the forums or ingame to join.
  • Narayan of EU Silvermoon EU finished The Immortal earlier this month. They've got video of the KT kill. And they're also recruiting -- Resto Shaman, Druid tank, a Ret Pally, and a Hunter.
  • Sorrow on the Oceanic server Dreadmaul-H downed Sartharion with three drakes. Half the raiders in the guild had never raided before, much less hardcore, so this is quite an achievement for them. Very nice job!
  • Clan Drop Bears of Khaz'goroth have downed Sarth 3D 10-man and are eagerly awaiting Ulduar. They're also recruiting a Shadow Priest.
  • Insomnia on Baelgun has cleared all the current 25-man content including Sarth 3D. They raid four times a week in the evenings, and are still looking for a few more quality DPS.
  • Hubris of Hellscream downed Malygos 10, thus clearing all 10-man content in the game despite apparently having core raiders MIA. They're putting Sarth 2D on notice, and building up a 25-man group as well.
  • Blue Sun of Madoran, a casual guild, downed the Arachnid Quarter on their first time in 10-man Naxx, and made it through Noth in Plague before calling it a successful night. Sarth is also down, and they're aiming to keep the drakes up next time. They're also looking for another healer.
  • Eternal Sacrifice of Khaz Modan downed Sartharion 3D earlier this month. They're also recruiting: Resto Shaman, Ret Paladins, and a few Rogues.
  • NO DRAMA on Undermine cleared out Naxx this week, downing Sapph and Kel. They are currently working on Malygos, Sarth 1D, and getting a second Naxx team together: they're recruiting all classes, specifically healers and ranged DPS.
  • Driven By Distraction (server?) has gotten Naxx 10 on farm status, and cleared out Malygos 10 and 25 as well as Sarth 1D. Glory of the Raider is close, and they're recruiting players 75+ ingame and 18+ in RL. Apply on the website if interested.
  • KVWN News Team on Balnazzar-H has finally cleared Naxx 10. They're a group of ten real-life friends, which makes it even more fun. Congrats!
  • ABC of Blackwater Raiders is rolling through Naxx 25, clearing every boss up to Kel and wiping at 1.1%. Ouch. Malygos 25 is on notice, and they're planning to leave some drakes up at Sarth soon too.
  • Soliloquy of Masochism on Eonar-H has three wings of Naxx 10 cleared, with Sapphiron (and eventually KT) on notice. They're a casual guild eventually heading to 25-man content when they're ready.
  • Just Too Epic of Azgalor-H downed Sarth 3D. Grats! They're also looking for quality raiders to make a strong run at Uldar once 3.1 hits the live servers.
  • Dauntless, Horde guild on Eldre' Thalas, downed heroic Sarth 3D. Congrats!
  • Unpossible on Zul'jin finished off Sarth 3D. They then wrote a novel-length email to me about it, which was pretty entertaining, but I'm not even going to share one bit of it with you. It's all for me, I tell you, all for me!
  • The DMZ on EU Eonar-A took down Sarth 3D on both the 10-man and 25-man versions. They used the VW tanking strat, so maybe they'll have to do it again (but they did make a cool video). They're also recruiting for Ulduar.
  • Immortal Guardians (server?) finished off Sarth 3D. They say they've beaten WoW, and can they please have Ulduar now?
  • The Three Hundred on EU Nagrand downed Malygos 10-man, and completed Naxx 25 man the other week. Malygos actually wiped the raid with 1% left, but had so many DoTs on him, he died anyway. Awesome.
  • Over Raided, on Khadgar-A downed Malygos 25 and Sarth 2D. Nice job.
  • Hand of the Vanir and Reth Reth Reth's allied raid team one shotted Sartharion 10 in their first guild run at OS10. They're a Horde side RP-raiding alliance on Sisters of Elune and are currently seeking mature, active RPing healer types for more 10-man and eventually 25-man content.
  • Grannys Hoarded Cookies of Quel'Dorei is kicking off a recruitment drive. They're a casual, adults-only guild that prefers social players over hardcore folks. They're also planning to get into 10-mans, and they could use a few more healers. Apply on the website if you're over 18 and are looking for a casual, low-to-no-drama atmosphere.
  • Potissimus Optimus is an Alliance guild on the Nazgrel that's recruiting for 25-mans. Please be talented, dedicated, and well-geared. They're seeking 18+ adults with raiding experience, including Death Knights, Druids (not Feral), Hunters, Mages, Holy Pallies, a Priest, a Rogue, and a Resto Shaman. Transfers are welcome, but you'll go through an interview process before being accepted, so transfer at your own risk.
  • Restless Natives is recruiting all classes (especially healers!) for their friendly, tight-knit casual raiding guild. Est. in 2007, their focus is on completing the content as a solid group who actually enjoys each other's company. Their recruitment mantra is "recruit the player, not the character" and they invite people to come join them.
  • Chaotic Neutral is currently recruiting a few exceptional players to bolster the roster for Sarth 3D and Ulduar. They need Warlocks, Rogue, Warrior DPS, Enhance Shaman, Death Knight DPS, and Paladin/Priest healers. They raid three days a week in 25-mans, and run 10-man instances on off days. Apply on the website if interested (and include a recent WWS report if possible). One warning: they do require a decently high attendance percentage, so be serious when you come to raid.
  • Dreamscape (EU Draenor-H) is recruiting casuals -- they're doing old content for achievements right now, and making their way through 10-mans in the current endgame, as well as Heroics and normal instances for those wanting gear. All classes and specs welcome.
  • Sterling is a heavy RP-guild on Moon Guard-A. They are looking for friendly, mature roleplayers to join our ranks. They play a "good-guy", non-Light themed guild, and have been in existence for over two years, joining Moon Guard last June. All races/classes are welcome, just be sure you've got the mettle to enjoy the game as they do: in character.
  • Synthesis on Greymane-A is a newly formed, 2 to 3 night a week raiding guild looking for a Shadow Priest, a Resto Druid, two Holy Priests, and a few ranged DPS. Hit up their website to join.
  • Battle Hardened Drunks on Duskwood-A is looking for some more drinking buddies. They're a small, tight guild that raids 10-mans, and has fun together. They will ridicule you if you fall down the hole heading to Gluth, and but they do have a blast during any given run. They're seeking a Hunter, but will accept anyone who's good people.
  • Iwannaplayraid (winner of this week's Best Guild Name award) on Antonidas have posted their recruiting needs over on their forums. Everything but Sarth 3D at this point and so they're looking for some good, reliable players to come with them to Ulduar.
  • Big Fake Noobies on Durotan-A is looking for all classes. They're a raid guild looking to progress at a reasonable pace in 10 and 25 mans. They place more value on a good sense of humor than skill, because "anyone can learn to play but not anyone can make us laugh."
  • Imperium of Daggerspine is a progression-minded, semi-casual guild that has cleared all Wrath content except Sarth 3D. They are planning their attack on Ulduar once it's active, and currently recruiting healers for their second Naxx 25 team.
  • Relinquish on Sisters of Elune has downed everything in Naxx 25 save for Sapphiron and Kel'Thuzad, but they need more dedicated raiders to really finish the necropolis off. Especially needed are a Feral Druid tank, a Restoration Shaman, a Moonkin, and any sort of Warlock or Hunter, but anyone is free to apply (except for Mages and Hunters; apparently they have more strudels and pets than they know what to do with).
That's it for GW this week. Until next week, happy raiding!

That not enough guild news for you? There's lots more Guildwatch in the archives, including the dreaded 0% wipe, and the gutsiest raider ever. Whether guilds are breaking up or making progress, Guildwatch is there every Tuesday night!

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