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Nokia E71x misses rumored launch date on AT&T

Chris Ziegler

First we had a solid rumor that the long-awaited Nokia E71x would finally go on sale come March 24th, but that day -- yesterday -- sadly came and went without a single handset hitting shelves. The latest intel suggests that a last-minute bug discovered in the phone's email app was the monkey wrench that brought the whole Rube Goldberg machine of a launch process to its knees, and sadly, the thousands of units already produced are just going to sit around while they await a firmware update -- an update that's several weeks out, the story goes. Though the idea of a subsidized E71 that carries over most of the original's openness and throws in a dose of S60 3.2 for good measure is an enticing idea indeed, the unlocked models have been around since July of last year, so the scary question becomes: will this product still relevant by the time AT&T finally manages to get it out the door?

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