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XSEED unleashing Drill Sergeant MindStrong on WiiWare


The ESRB ratings database has revealed the first WiiWare game from publisher XSEED: Drill Sergeant Mindstrong, which is, uh, a brain-training minigame collection. A weird one.

The description of the game mentions minigames "in which players train and compete in math, rhythm, and reflex/timing drills guided by a trainer named Sergeant Mindstrong." The whole thing has a military theme, including a saluting minigame and one about marching in time. All the minigames will have "Hell" at the beginning of the title, like "Hell Roll Call."

Siliconera speculates, because of the XSEED/Marvelous connection, that this is Discipline, the WiiWare game announced last year. The title fits, as well. However, Discipline is a sort of adventure about escaping from prison, and this is military brain training.

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